GALFER USA to take part in CMS food drive at Fuji Flat Track event

Galfer USA has been welcomed warmly into the Carson City community since we reloacated here in June. In order to give back, we will be participating in a canned food drive put on by Carson Motorsports at the Fuji Flat Track race event on August 25th.

To celebrate to our flourishing business since we have relocated, we will be using the money Galfer USA customers spend on Galfer USA products to donate to a good cause.

The FISH (Friends in Service Helping) non-profit organization will be working alongside Carson Motorsports to put on a canned food drive for the Carson City food bank. At this weekend’s Fuji Flat Track event, you can donate non-perishable canned goods. Each can earns you a spin on the Carson Motorsports Prize Wheel – with prizes including Galfer USA shirts, hats, and more. 

Aside of donating swag for the Food Bank Prize Wheel at the event, Galfer USA will personally be donating canned goods for the cause.

Aug 23, 2018 | News