E-ZINE: Better Control through Braking with Galfer Brakes

Galfer is a well-known manufacturer offering a wide array of performance braking applications for various segments of the powersports market. Galfer was relatively unknown in the US until the early 90’s when Galfer USA was opened in California. They have a long heritage of supporting racing and building high-end aftermarket performance braking products.

We’ve had the opportunity to use Galfer braking components on a number of occasions over the years. They offer brake line applications for just about every motorcycle out there in addition to rotors, pads, and anything else you could possibly need. Galfer takes it a step further by offering more brake line color options than we’ve seen anywhere else. This is a bonus since Galfer brake lines are some of the best stainless steel lines we’ve ever had the pleasure of using. They’re on our race bikes, our touring bikes, and everything in between.

If you’ve never replaced your stock brake lines with stainless steel lines, you don’t know what you’re missing. People often overlook brakes when looking for more performance, but they shouldn’t. Better brakes will actually make you a lot faster than just adding more power to your vehicle. Stock rubber brake lines feel mushy compared with stainless steel, which will not flex under intense pressure during hard and frequent breaking. It’s a simple concept that reaps massive results.

The most significant aspect of better braking is better feel. Galfer brake pads used in conjunction with Galfer stainless steel brake lines and Galfer performance brake rotors deliver in spades. You can choose different brake pad compounds for an aggressive, hard biting feel, or more progressive linear feel, or even somewhere in between. Through choosing specific pad and rotor combinations you can achieve the height of braking performance with Galfer products. Galfer Wave Rotors are enormously popular and benefit the rider with a high level of friction, heat dissipation, and self-cleaning and cooling properties as the rotor rotates.

It’s hard to overstate the significance of good brakes, and Galfer delivers some of the best stuff out there. Next time you need a pair of pads, pick up a set of Galfer brake pads and see for yourself. Make sure to get a pair with a compound that will compliment the style of riding you want to do. Want to take the feel and control a step further? Add a set of Galfer brake lines and be amazed with the smooth and progressive feel you’ve been missing. Doubt it can get better from there? Wait until you try Galfer’s patented full floating Wave Rotors. Once you get started you’ll find that the rabbit hole keeps going with Superbike Wave Rotors, all laser cut (rather than stamped) aluminum, offering enough braking force to inspire confidence among today’s top professional riders.


ARTICLE: Issac Wanamaker

Mar 8, 2018 | Tech