How to install brake pads on your motorcycle

In the video below, Donny the tech runs through how to install fresh brake pads on your motorcycle. While this video is done on a Harley Davidson, most brake pad installs and swaps will be similar.

Be sure to check your service manual for any specific instructions for your application.

This install was done on an earllier model Dyna Wide Glide. In this video, we’ll be swapping out the front brake pads.


For most installs, Donny the Tech recommends having the following items ready to use: brake parts cleaner, standard ratchet and some standard sockets, torque wrench, and some clean rags.


-Always check your service manual before beginning an install. There may be insturctions specific to your motorcycle.

– Donny the Tech recommends wrapping your caliper in a clean rag or microfiber after detaching it to keep it from hitting or damaging your bike during the install.

-We recommend about 100 miles of break in time on Galfer USA pads.


If you’re looking for a new set of brake pads, use our parts finder to see options for your bike by clicking here.

Jun 27, 2019 | Tech